What does Hyacinth smell like?

The smell of Hyacinth is very characteristic and I might say fundamental: it’s hard to decompound and to describe it, just like with the smell of bitter almond, for example. The smell of a blooming hyacinth can be roughly described as green, flowery, bitterish, with honey, spicy and chocolate shades.

How tall do Hyacinth get?

Size always depends on the variety you are growing and the growing conditions, but most hyacinths reach a mature size of about 6 to 12 inches tall and 4 to 9 inches wide. Hyacinth are early bloomers. Depending on your hardiness zone, they will bloom in late winter or early spring.

When to cut hyacinths back?

Cut off the old flower spikes as soon as the bloom period is over. Leave the leaves on the plant because it is still collecting energy from the sun. You can remove the leaves and cut the hyacinths back to the ground after the foliage yellows and dies back naturally, usually about six weeks after the blooming period.

What to do with Hyacinth after flowering?

Hyacinth Plant Care Keep Hyacinths watered during dry spells in fall. After the plants have finished flowering in spring, cut back flower stalks but allow the leaves to die back naturally, hiding the unsightly foliage with annual or perennial plantings. An annual application of compost should provide adequate nutrients.