Is 1866 a toll free number?

An 1866 toll free number is a business number that allows your customers to call you and make inquiries about goods or services you have in store for them. This number is unique because customers making incoming calls do not have to spend a penny on the call.

Who was born in 1866?

George Reed was born on November 27, 1866 in Macon , Georgia, USA as George Henry Reed. He was an actor, known for Huckleberry Finn (1920), The River of Romance (1929) and The Jungle Goddess (1922).

What is the Vagrancy Act of 1866?

Background. Virginia laws and practices,derived in part from English precedent,had long distinguished vagrants,or vagabonds,from poor people in general.

  • The Law. On January 9,1866,the House of Delegates passed the Act Providing for the Punishment of Vagrants,with the Senate of Virginia following suit six days later.
  • Application and Legacy.
  • What happend in 1866 and 1867?

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    1866 – Tennessee becomes the first Confederate state readmitted to the union 1867 – Tenure of Office Act enacted 1867 – Territory of Alaska purchased from the Russian Empire 1867 – The US Annexes the Midway Islands in the Pacific